Angels for a Heavenly Cleaning Ltd is a cutting edge specialist commercial and residential deep cleaning and sansitisation firm.


We are based in Buckinghamshire & North West but cover the whole of London and home counties.

Angels for a Heavenly Cleaning Ltd aim to provide an instant sanitisation solution to Residential Homes, Offices, Commercial Property, Hotels, Serviced Accommodation, community centres to keep your space attractive for you, your customers and especially now operating as safely as possible.

We are a reactive and proactive cleaning firm combining years of experience with the latest specialist equipment and disinfectants.

Tel: 0203 439 4668


For carpet cleaning we use a comprehensive range of carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment from Prochem and use professional Prochem fluids too. These are known as Hot Water extractors or Steam Cleaners fitted the most powerful dual vacuum extraction equipment Prochem machines are generally accepted as the best on the market for professional use.

For surface and air (whole of building) sanitisation we use Vectornate Medifogg ( who are the leading manufacturer of ‘Fogging Machines’ to dispense one of the fastest acting and most powerful Virus, Bacteria, fungi killing products available today being effective within 30 secs and killing 99.999% of Virus including the previous strains of the Corona Virus Family, Bacteria, fungi, Germs & yet contains no irritants within its formulation.

Using the fogging equipment and safest HOCL disinfetant you achieve instant sanitisation against Bacteria and Viruses, and continues to work for at least 7 days after the initial application.

Contact us Today for further information about best proactive approach to take should you have any concerns now or in the future.