The time has come again, it’s almost spring which means it’s almost time to start thinking about your spring clean. This time of year is when cleaning product manufacturers boost promotions and ads, and magazines and newspapers launch various spring cleaning campaign drives.

Whilst you’re spritzing, dusting and generally domestic cleaning throughout Spring, you are taking part in an age old tradition that has existed for many generations. But, where did this tradition come from? There are a range of cultural and religious origins

In Christian custom the Catholics clean the church alter the day before Good Friday, which is normally in March or April.

Members of the Greek Orthodox church clean the house for a week leading up to lent.

In Iran, the holiday of Nowruz, or Persian New Year, coincides with the first day of spring. There is a 13 day celebration that traditionally involves domestic cleaning, buying new clothes and spending time with loved ones.

During the 1800’s, according to the Washington Post, the biggest, annual domestic cleaning effort took place in spring. This was because the winter months left homes covered in a layer of soot and grime, thanks to a combination of coal, wood, kerosene and whale oil that was used to power lamps that lit the room.

Regardless of religion or culture, it is undeniable that humans find a sudden burst of energy as spring approaches, thanks to the warmer weather and longer days, which often means spring cleaning doesn’t seem like such a chore.

Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Make a List
Making a list of domestic cleaning tasks is the best way to stay on top of things. Think of all the tasks you neglect during regular cleaning, and tackle these first.

2.  Declutter
Spring cleaning isn’t just about mopping and dusting, it’s a chance for a whole overhaul of your home. We’re all spending much more time at home, and science has proven that cluttered spaces can take a toll on your overall happiness, so having a purge is a great idea.

3. Start from Top to Bottom
Once you get to the actual cleaning part you should always start at the top. Focus on ceilings, ceiling fans, lights and high corners first, and then work your way down. This will force debris downward, and prevent you from having to re-dust or re-clean any spaces.

4. Don’t Forget Walls and Windows
They may not be on your regular domestic cleaning list, but spring cleaning is the perfect time to think about walls and windows. Not all dust settles on the floor, much of it can be on your walls and windows.